Room size Pool table - is my room big enough?

When choosing a Pool table or Snooker table it is essential not to purchase one that is too big for the room.

The chart below gives the ideal Pool room sizes and Pool table sizes, but a few inches either way should not affect the enjoyment of your table. A smaller Snooker or Pool cue can often be used to alleviate space problems - these can be provided with any table order upon request.

If you have any queries at all regarding size, or any other questions please contact us.

Table Type
Using 48” cue
Using 54” cue
Using 57” cue
6x3 Uk Pool
13.5ft x 11ft
14.5ft x 12ft
15ft x 12.5ft
7x4 Uk Pool
14.25ft x11.25ft
15.25ft x 12.25ft
15.75ft x 12.75ft
8x4 Uk Pool
15.25ft x 11.75ft
16.25ft x 12.75ft
16.75ft x 14ft
7ft American
14.9ft x 11.5ft
15.9ft x 12.5ft
16.4ft x 12.5ft
8ft American
15.6ft x 12ft
16.6ft x 13ft
17.1ft x 13.5ft '
9ft American
16.6ft x 12.4ft
17.6ft x 13.4ft
18.1ft x 13.9ft
6x3 Snooker Table
14ft x 11ft
15ft x 12ft
15.5ft x 12.5ft
7x3`6" Snooker Table
15ft x 11.5ft
16ft x 12.5ft
16.5ft x 13ft
8x4 Snooker Table
16ft x 12ft
17ft x 13ft
17.5ft x 13.5ft
9x4`6" Snooker Table
17ft x 12.5ft
18ft x 13.5ft
18.5ft x 14ft
10x5 Snooker Table
18ft x 13ft
19ft x 14ft
19.5ft x 14.5ft
12x6 Snooker Table
20ft x 14 ft
21ft x 15ft
21.5ft x 15.5ft