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Table rentals / Profit share 50/50 share

Looking to rent or profit share? We can do both....

Do you need a pool table or football table on profit share for your business?

Would you like to have a pool table on profit share that is looked after as it should be?

Are you not happy with the company that currently supplies and services the pool table you have?

Did you make the mistake of buying your own table in the past and now realise that keeping it in an acceptable playing condition is not as simple as you thought?

We will install a English pool table table with all the accessories and give you a top quality service * at no cost to you... that's right, it doesn't cost you anything! Your pool table or other items supplied by us will * Always * be kept clean and * Always * be kept in working order. You do not need to put up with a poor service and have tables that are not properly maintained... using Ashwood pool will be the best decision you will make as far as your pool table is concerned, you will be pleasantly surprised to find there is a company that still believes in giving customers a first class service:

Setup New or Used Pool Table

We can install many types of pool tables. In some cases the owner has attempted to assemble there own table and discovered it was not as easy as first anticipated. We can finish even those jobs. It is best to have a professional to install your table. Let us do the work; we have the knowledge and equipment to complete the job without damaging the table.

If you want a table taken apart, contact us. Attempting to disassemble any table wrongly may damage the table if not done properly. We have skilled table technicians that can properly disassemble your table and advise on storage or shipment. The table components are very heavy and can cause injury if not handled safely. Let us do the work; we have the knowledge and equipment to complete the job.

If you have recently moved to a new home your table was most likely be disassembled. We will re-assemble the table, re level and recover if needed.

There are many reasons for moving your table. You may be moving to a new home. You may have purchased a used pool table and need it moving from the previous owner’s home to yours. You may be installing new carpeting and want the table moved to a different room. We handle it all, just give us a call. We will disassemble the table for you move and then reassemble the table at new location.

Re-levelling Pool Tables

Almost anytime a table is moved it will need to be re levelled. In some rare situations the table becomes un-level through structural change or abuse. We can re-level the table. Depending on the severity of adjustment, the cushions may need to be removed to access the slate mounting hardware. The process to re-level the table is straight forward and it may be the time to reposition the table in the room if desirable.

Pool Table Cushion Replacement or Re-Rubbing

After several years you may notice the table cushions are not as responsive or have irregular response. This means its time to replace the table’s cushions or rubbers. Therefore we will remove the cloth and rubber from the cushions, glue new rubber and recover with new cloth. This is usually the time to replace the cloth on the table because the new cloth on the cushions will not match the older cloth on the bed of the table. For most customers when the cushions are replaced the table gets an overhaul with new cloth, cushions, re-level and anything else needed to restore your table to its original condition

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